What causes Neck Pain, Contracture?

Neck pain or a contracture can be caused by automobile accidents, really hard falls, bad neck position due to the heavy use of cellphones and bad sitting posture over an extended period of time.

Sometimes neck pain can also be caused by sleeping facing downwards instead of a regular sleeping position to the side or upwards.

Problems or symptoms of Neck Pain, Contracture

The symptoms of neckpain or contractures include reduced mobilization of the neck to any or both sides. Pain in the head or the shoulders are also related problems. Sometimes you can feel tickling or loss of strength.

Sometimes there's even numbness on the arm and hand.

Why is it important to treat it?

Neck pain can lead to a perpetual and really uncomfortable pain on the neck if it's not treated. The pain can become a chronic one, and as it progresses you will realize it's harder to maintain the position of the head in shorter periods of time.

Stop the pain! Don't let the pain progress, seek the opinion of an expert or get treatment

What's the treatment for Neck Pain, Contracture?

After performing a comprehensive physical, the pain intensity is evaluated among other factors that might contribute to the neck pain. The objective is to offer a balanced, non offensive treatment.

The treatment for neck pain or contractures consists in a series of chiropractic adjustments, hot pads for muscle relaxation and specific stretchings to correct bad posture.

Reviews about our Neck Pain, Contracture service

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Thank you so much! For real, everytime I go for my adjustment sessoin my body feels like brand new. I definitely recommend it for athletes and anybody else. I’ll definitely go again.
Edgar S
Feeling so much better after my course of treatments. Don’t know how I would survive without regular chiropractic adjustments!
Donna W
Excellent Chiropractor! Really gentile and professional. Dr. Olivier saved my vacation in Cancun. His office is located in downtown at a convenient location. Providing the best service Dr. Olivier was kind enough to accommodate a 2nd chiropractic session close to my hotel. Thank You!
Daniela Lai
I arrived in Cancun w/ significant neck & shoulder pain due to long hours of sitting at the computer during the quarantine. After the first visit, I had immediate relief. Thank you Dr Olivier for helping me with my pain during my vacation!
Joel Nieman
I’ve had back problems all my life! I started going with Dr Oliver and my back is so much better now! To the point that I can sleep all night without being woke up by my back pain! Highly recommended!!!
Marcos Torres Paramo